Thursday, 28 July 2011

Vacation time...

  Vacation is one of those times in life where you get to step away from your job and enjoy some R&R. Well, I have done overtime in that department!  I got to sleep in, watch movies, play video games, went to New York City, bbq with friends, and spend time with my wife. Not one time did I think of animation, and in a way it felt great. I love animating, don't get me wrong, but I was so immersed  in my work that I began losing sight of my other passions. I don't know about other jobs, but when I take a step back from mine, I still see through the eyes of an artist. 

  Stepping away from animation for 2 weeks has got me more interested in photography. I recently got a Canon Rebel T2i for my birthday, and it just took my interest in photography to a whole new level. I've spent some time with a Canon Powershot Pro (which is a more advanced point and shoot camera), but it just didn't have enough control. I really wanted to play with depth of field, focus, long exposures, and other things a regular camera just can't handle. 

  Just like everything else, I'm looking forward to some practice to sharpen my skills as an amateur photographer. Click on the images below to see some of my recent shots in New York City. Please feel free to leave comments! 

Johnny.Spinelli's photostream

Pickled Mussels - Momofuko NYStools - Momofuko NYPasta Pans - Eataly NYCool_VaseSTK Bar - NYBanksy - NY
Broadway - NYBroadway & Bleecker - NYOld Dog - NYLast Slice - Numero 28 NYBest Pizza - Numero 28 NYPizza Oven - Numero 28 NY
Tiles of America - NYCoffee Break - NYBreakfast - NYCoffee heart - NYCab Ride - NYEmpire - NY
Meat Station - Eataly NYRose Wine - Eataly NYPeppersCheese Station - Eataly NYEspresso Machine - Eataly NY5th_Ave_Building

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